Los-Angeles based Asian-American rapper Blahza has released his first solo single ‘Bandz’, available on all digital platforms worldwide.

On the trap-influenced track, Blahza rhymes about working hard, minding your own business, and keeping your cool when the chips are down.

The hook is about not worrying about what another person has. And when you don’t have it yourself, don’t hate – just go out and get it for yourself,” Blahza comments, speaking on the themes of the track. “When the beat played the hook came to me instantly, I felt the message so clearly when I was writing it. The cadence is so catchy.

The release of ‘Bandz’ follows previous collaborations with Singaporean electronic producer Xinister on ‘Break’, and with Malaysian lo-fi producer OnlyM on ‘Perfect.’

‘Bandz’ is the lead single from Blahza’s upcoming EP, Sad Songs For Happy People, scheduled for release in 2021.

Listen to ‘Bandz’ via Umami Records here.