One of Japan’s most enigmatic new names in rock, blank paper, have released their new single ‘High Legacy’.

Established in Japan, 2021, blank paper was created with the concept of producing music alongside fans, listeners and music professionals. Core members C45P3R and T3R354 start with a piece of blank paper and see how the collective journey develops. The result of this creative process is known as ‘bpm’ (blank paper medicine); each dose contains high concentrations of energy and emotions from varying sources, which leads to a transcendental sound.

The track follows in the blazing footsteps of debut single ‘enemy’ which has been streamed over a million times since its release four months ago.

The new song has been chosen as the theme for two wrestling events in their home country of Japan, including the New Japan Pro Wrestling tournament Best of the Super Jr. 29, as well as the ending theme for Japanese TV programme World Pro Wrestling. With its powerful sound and links to wrestling within its lyrics and its collaborations with the sport, ‘High Legacy’ is expected to create an impact with fans of rock music and wrestling around the world.