Korean Hip Hop Artist BLOO has released his second full studio album, Moon and Back. This album follows the release of his first full-length album BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2 in June 2021.

BLOO reveals his true self through his direct involvement in the production of lyrics and sound on MOON AND BACK; the eight-track album presents the different sides of the artist, including his personal experiences and feelings about love and heartbreak. BLOO hopes that this album showcases his raw talent and personality.

The title track ‘Girl in New York’ utilises a driving, often chaotic and syncopated R&B-influenced beat, matched with somber and wistful lyrics, that stand together in stark contrast. This dichotomy is incorporated in the corresponding music video, a dizzying, dream-like affair that not only reflects but further emphasises the turbulent emotions that are sincerely examined throughout each verse.

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Photo Credit: UNCUTPOINT