Japanese-American artist CAELAN from the international group INTERSECTION has released the global version of his first solo single ‘Forever With You’.

This synth-wave track was produced and written by Grammy-nominee producer J.Que, David Arkwright, Kinderr, and Theo Ross Rosenthal. Caelan also participated in the songwriting of the single as well as designed the cover art, showing yet another side of his artistry.

The release of the global single accompanies the drop of the official music video which features Caelan representing a boy character who is struggling with the self-identifying growing pains of becoming a man, and eventually figuring himself out and embarking on a new life journey. 

“This song is for vibing out, jamming, singing along, and partying. This song is a great song for when you drive on the road and just want to bop your head through something.  I hope the people who can relate to the lyrics can also sing out with their full heart as much as I did […] I hope everyone can have fun with this song,” CAELAN tells us, speaking about the new track.

Listen to the song on Apple Music and Spotify, and watch the official video below!

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