Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin has released a brand new single ‘Blink’, a track that delicately honours the power of memory as a fundamental aspect of human nature.

Throughout ‘Blink’, Benin finds refuge in reliving the past without any hint of regret, treating it as part of her personal journey.  

“I had a series of sleepless nights just recollecting and reliving different times of my life,” the folk-pop artist shares in a statement. “Some were peaceful times. Some were turbulent times. Some were traumatic times. I didn’t really understand why these memories were resurfacing in my head. Writing ‘blink’ just helped me resolve these thoughts.”

The track is deceptively simple, but its introspective quality, paired with an incredibly moving arrangement highlights a certain unassuming brilliance – all while giving Benin’s voice an opportunity to flutter and soar. 

“I particularly wanted this song to be a sonic journey that is metaphorical to one’s journey towards healing,” Benin shares. “This song is very intimate with my vocals and the acoustic guitar upfront but there are a lot of atmospheric undertones to it if you listen intently.”

Check out Clara Benin’s “blink” on all digital music platforms via OFFMUTE.

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