K-Pop boy band, CRAVITY have released their first full-length album, Part 1 [The Awakening: Written In The Stars]. 

Accompanying the album is a music video for their title track ‘Gas Pedal’.

“’Gas Pedal’ expresses our relentless drive for more. Its lyrics invite listeners to come along with us on this journey as we climb towards the peak, following the stars,” Rapper Allen states

The heavy bass, racing and beating drums, and addictive, driving melody enhances the experience even more by making listeners feel immersed in this marathon to the top, expressed through the metaphors of an accelerator pedal.

This full-length album showcases CRAVITY’s strength in performance and songwriting, something that is on full display as they mature as titans within the K-Pop industry; with each body of work CRAVITY releases, they portray their journey of overcoming hardships and pain while uniting together as one in the new world they have created.

Consisting of eight tracks, Part 1 [The Awakening: Written In The Stars] transcends genre; ranging from addictive guitar riffs, groovy beats, heavy bass, upbeat trap, and electro-pop, there is a track for every listener.

Listen to the full album on Spotify below!

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Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment