Japanese mannequin rap duo FEMM have released their new single ‘Keep It Cool’.

The brand-new track is accompanied by a music video set in the virtual city of New Tokyo in the year 20XX.

FEMM are pioneers of a new era in Japan’s female rap scene and, to this day, they continue to ride the cutting edge of internet subculture. With ‘Keep It Cool’, FEMM have betrayed expectations once again, flirting with elements of UK garage, 2-step, and a fresh, jazzy take on future bass. Yet, the single’s exciting new sound is consistent with their guiding concept of breaking down the divisions between humans and machines, virtual and reality, borders and languages, to create something that had never before existed in this world.

Now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in FEMM’s left field utopia – listen to ‘Keep It Cool’ on Spotify, below!

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