Filipino singer-songwriter and producer Fern. has dropped his new single ‘Kagandahan’.

‘Kagandahan’ is stripped-down to the core, with its message offering a quiet, meditative space that does not lose sight of what truly matters—even in the age of fast-paced modernity and fleeting romanticism.

“’Kagandahan’ is about the beauty of anything in this world,” the Fern. explains its meaning. “It talks about how we’re often scared of losing beauty that we believe is in our possession and how this fear often robs us of enjoying the beauty while it’s right in front of us.”

Originally penned by his Dad, and rewritten and produced by Fern. himself, ‘Kagandahan’ reflects on these valid feelings about the ephemeral qualities of beauty, but also gives listeners a refreshing perspective on why it is important to cherish every bit of it while it counts. 

Produced with restrained instrumentation and a lighter sound, Fern. slips amusingly into laid-back guitar-pop territory, veering toward intimacy. “I recorded all my vocals in my bedroom, and I think it’s because singing just hits differently when you’re alone—in my opinion, at least.”

Fern.’s ‘Kagandahan’ is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines.