Alternative pop/soul trio of Mercury pivots toward a more experimental direction on their new EP, CHANGIN’ Volume 2.

Embracing genre-melding tunes with fresh, innovative production, the new EP features three tracks that are produced with an amazing level of detail. Co-produced by their former bandmate knōwmaad, the three-part release includes ‘STRESSES,’ a soulful, electro-pop anthem that is punctuated by retro-modern grooves and heavy 808 bass; ‘ENERGY,’ a club jam that articulates the frustration of wanting to enact changes within a retrogressive system; and ‘CHOLUL (Cut You Loose),’ a feel-good bop with laid-back funk influences.

“In this whole process, we explored new elements that we haven’t tried before,” shares the band in a statement. “Lyrics-wise, all the songs are different from each other.”

Listen to CHANGIN’ Vol.2 on Spotify, below:

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