Korean-American artist Hae.zy has released her debut EP, Love letter.

Love letter is a deeply personal body of work written by Hae.zy to show the world who she is as an artist, unveiling her inner world through the exploration of who she is as a musician, an artist, and a Korean-American. Hae.zy passionately represents her Asian American roots, hoping to connect to her audience not only by expressing her eccentric sense of empathy in her music, but by speaking on important cultural matters.  

“I believe that we are all a puzzle piece to the unity of this world, and everyone has their own timing to be heard and seen in their own unique way. This time specifically was made for me, to release my first love letter to the world, and I hope it delivers to those well,” says Hae.zy, speaking on her debut album release.

Love letter has an eclectic vibe, marrying futuristic melodies with a poetic lyrical style.

Including five original songs, the EP is exploratory in style and reminiscent of artists like Amy Winehouse and influenced by artists like Erykah Badu, Ari Lennox, and Jhene Aiko. Serving up eclectic vibes, ranging from jazzy pop to bedroom R&B, the EP features chilled-out instrumentals with some live instruments accompanied by smooth vocals and poetic lyrics. 

The tracks were written by Hae.zy with Sunwoo Han (Sunwo0o). Han is also the producer and mix & mastering engineer of the EP.

Listen to Love letter on Spotify, now!

Photo Credit: Tina Vonn and Olivia Puruggunan (Babae Studios)