Hong Kong singer-songwriter cehyrl has just released her brand new single, ‘Superbloom’.

‘Superbloom’, hypnotic and hazy, dissects a doomed, dying relationship. There is a lighthearted naivety to the lyrics, with references to cartoons and flowers emphasising the innocence that often forms the foundation of immature love. It is dream-like, yet brutal in its upfront honesty; beautiful and bittersweet.

Long before cehryl found her voice, the shy Hong Kong native tried her hand at composing, ditching piano lessons to learn songs on MTV by ear. Punk princess Avril Lavigne and Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou formed cehryl’s melodic foundation; over the years, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, The Beatles, and Justin Vernon made their mark.

cehryl’s debut album slow motion, written, produced, and performed in its entirety by her, was released last year.

Listen to ‘Superbloom’ on Spotify, below!

Photo Credit: Jonny Ho