Japanese rock band BACK-ON‘s have just released ‘SKY WALKER’, a high-energy electro-rap track featuring J-Rock riffs, chilled beats, and massive pop melodies.

Having just released their 15-year anniversary best-of album FLIP SOUND, BACK-ON show no signs of slowing down; the successful group have over 100 million streams to their name, with a string of hit songs used as themes to Japan’s biggest anime and video game franchises.

Speaking on their new track, KENJI03 comments, “There’s no time limit for a dream. Opportunities and chances can be seized by anyone. Enjoy your life even if people laugh at you! We wrote the lyrics with this as the theme. I want this track to encourage those who hear it.”

Lyricist and MC TEEDA adds, “Until now the music I’ve made has sometimes been swayed by obstacles or feeling that I’m not good enough. I guess it’s part of our roots. Yet the lyrics to this song are so exciting and full of hope. And after everything, we’re able to freely make music from our hometown of Adachi! Wasn’t that always our dream? When you listen to SKY WALKER I would be so happy if you could chase after your dreams and pursue your favourite things without fear.”

Listen to ‘SKY WALKER’ on Spotify, below.