Japanese singer-songwriter and music producer, Kenshi Yonezu, has officially released his long-awaited 5th studio album, STRAY SHEEP.

STRAY SHEEP consists of 15 songs, including previously released track ‘Kanden’, as well as brand-new single ‘Campanella’.

During these uncertain times, Yonezu reflected a lot while working on the album: “In the end, we need to affirm that we exist and need to live. It’s really easy to be pessimistic and let creativity flow with anger and sadness, but I felt that is not my role. So, I thought about the distant future, where people were living a healthy life reminiscing about what happened during those times. I may have been envisioning those scenes when creating this song,” he muses.

Last month, Yonezu released the music video for ‘Kanden’, the release skyrocketing to 1 million views in under 2 hours; currently sits at almost 40 million views. This music video marks his 13th music video to reach over 100 million views throughout his career.

Yonezu is no stranger to breaking records and making history; he recently became the first Japanese Artist to hit 5 million Youtube subscribers, with music video views reaching over 2.8 billion total, and counting.

Yonezu’s previously released smash hit ‘Lemon’ ranked #1 on Billboard Japan’s annual cumulative charts for 2 years consecutively, making history as the first-ever act to do so. Furthermore, it has been certified by the Japan Record Association for the fastest to achieve 3 million downloads, and the music video has broken the Japanese record for the most views of a music video, currently sitting at just under 600 million.

Make sure to check out Stray Sheep on Spotify!