Global pop star LAY (Lay Zhang) has released with his newest single ‘JIU’.

The release coincides with the 10th anniversary of LAY’s debut as a member of K-Pop group, EXO. He wrote the song to celebrate this milestone as a representation of care and respect, to his brothers and his fans.

Known for his charismatic personality and hypnotising voice, ‘JIU’ falls nothing short of the high expectations that have been set by both himself and followers. Opening up with short yet heartfelt conversations between him and his former members, the song instantly sets a tone of nostalgia.

With elegant yet symbolic lyrics, LAY cleverly plays with the word “JIU” to draw a connection between wine and eternity. Centred around the concept of time and eternity, this story is a testament to the profound impact of friendship between the EXO brothers.

‘JIU’ is available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the track on Spotify, below:

Photo Credit: Zhang Yixing Studio