After collaborating on hit-single ‘Better Than My Ex’, R&B artists Tyler Rivers and Ty Rome are now back as a duo under a brand new moniker, LIKE TYE.

With creative energies taking a back foot for many artists during the pandemic lockdown, the duo spent countless hours in the studio refining their sound and ultimately creating a uniquely vibrant brand.

The duo has now released their debut single ‘Be That Man’, a bonafide R&B pop track fuelled with inspired and storytelling lyrics over a throwback-inspired instrumental. 

“We wrote this track from the perspective of a person in a relationship where they realise they need to step up before they lose what they have. The beat had that throwback vibe so we were inspired to write something that suited those early 2000’s R&B tracks.”

‘Be That Man’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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