Parasouls are transporting listeners back in time with the release of their debut EP, Drifters, Dream Makers.

The Filipino indie band’s latest record is brimming with childlike wonder, detailing the easygoing days of being young and carefree, while nostalgically recalling the people, places, and events that shaped their worldview through the years.

According to guitarist and vocalist Dani Dimaano, Drifters, Dream Makers also serves as a love letter to a closed chapter in her life. “It’s like opening a time capsule: an adventure through time and space to a simpler, more reminiscent happy time of life.  Drifters, Dream Makers is about the little things that you want to remember. It’s for the drifters and the dream makers. And who says you can’t be both?”

“We wanted to make something that is filled with energy that will hopefully let you escape the real world, and experience euphoria at least the time being,” Dimaano says in a statement. “If I were to describe it, it sounds like a dream. We all worked on this together, with the help of our friend Migzz Rival of Four Corners Musicians Lair.”

Written and produced by the band themselves, the EP contains six tracks, including their featured single ‘Magic Markers’. The song illustrates a color-soaked portrait of innocence and charm, with lyrics that turn imagination into a powerfully resonant statement of self-discovery and excitement.

With visuals that capture the childlike wonder of the record, while channeling the excitement of being an adventurous kid out for a ride, the album artwork is designed by Stina Honasan.

“It was really great working with Stina,” Dimaano points out. “I drew a prompt telling her what to do and she just went on from there. I told her to have fun with it. And as expected, she nailed it.”

Drifters, Dream Makers is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records. Listen to the EP on Spotify, below: