Pop-R&B songstress Charlene Su has dropped her debut EP, titled onlyfriends.

Subtly and cheekily referencing the popular online platform OnlyFans, onlyfriends came about through collaboration among friends. “To me, collaboration is the best part about music,” says Charlene, referring to her songwriting process as self-expression through shared human experience. 

Charlene has been writing songs and dreaming up bops since her teen years. With her candy-coated vocals sitting atop a spirited hybrid of modern pop, R&B and lo-fi, she has drawn in her diverse audience with her unfiltered charm. 

Throughout onlyfriends, the Singaporean artist has turned her vocal prowess towards a series of intimate and infinitely catchy soundscapes. At the end of the day, Charlene hopes to make honest music that both entices and empowers.

“We have all felt disappointment and the ache of heartbreak before, be it unrequited feelings for a crush or even within friendships,” says Charlene, speaking on the EP. “I think of this EP as my coping mechanism of sorts for that disappointment; it’s really just me whining and trying to get over my feelings in a very melodic, pop way.” 

Her fresh, decidedly distinct, and vibrant pop-princess sound is bound to captivate audiences across the globe. 

Listen to onlyfriends on Spotify, below.