New York City-based Japanese producer and musician rei brown has released their second single, an astral long-distance love song called ‘Thinking Bout You’, featuring fellow rising Japan-born musician, Joji.

Building on the science-fiction themes of their previous release, ‘Thinking Bout You’ becomes a soundtrack for long distance love, diving deeper into a cinematic dreamscape; the spacious, otherworldly track hopes to close the gaps through a mutual reassurance to each other that the love they share will bring them back together.

rei brown explains, “I wrote my part mostly in the context of a long distance relationship. There are hints in it that suggest it takes place in a different more sci-fi reality.” 

Longtime friends and collaboratorsrei and Joji connect on the track to do what they each do best–invite listeners into a safe, loving place where they can freely be themselves and find themselves in a world where people may not always feel accepted.

visualizer to accompany the single plays with the sci-fi theme of the track, taking listeners on a ride to space.

Listen to ‘Thinking Bout You’ on Spotify, below:

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Photo credit: bbyclaude