With COVID becoming a significant disruptor across the globe, Gold Coast artist San Mei has adapted and overcome a number of hurdles that have come with the pandemic; following a succession of successful singles and the release of her EP Cry in 2020, San Mei has taken charge of exciting new “inspo” – a space of industrial rock and ‘90s grunge.

‘In The Machine’, produced by San Mei and long-time studio drummer and collaborator Michael McCartney is characterised by grungy guitars, gritty synths, and industrial drums, contrasted against San Mei’s haunting, ethereal vocals.

I took a bit of a different sonic approach with this song and I thought that using some industrial sounds and having a bit of a mechanical feel would really suit it, which I think we achieved with a lot of the drum patterns and sounds,” San Mei Explains. “I still wanted to make sure it felt a bit surreal and dreamy at the same time, so the verb’ed-out vocals and wash of synths were important to include in the track”.

Lyrically, San Mei approaches the reality of operating on autopilot, but continuing to strive who you want to be.

“Once I stepped back, I realised I wasn’t happy with the person I was becoming and that I needed to remember who I was and the goals I had for myself. Growth is really important to me, and sometimes life can wear us down until we’re just operating on autopilot, so this song is me telling myself to wake up and get moving,” she expresses.

Listen to ‘In The Machine’ here, or watch the video below.