San Mei is back with her latest single ‘I Can’t Sleep’!

Co-written with Micah Jasper (Dillon Francis, Mothica, Cailin Russo, FINNEAS) on a LA writing trip, ‘I Can’t Sleep’ sees San Mei opening up about her struggles of dealing with doubts and a constantly busy head space.

Lyrically, it’s basically me talking to the voices inside my own head, the ones telling me I could be doing better, should be that better version of myself, I’m not stacking up, I’m not chasing my dreams hard enough,” San Mei explains the meaning behind the song, detailing the natural ebbs and flows of being an artist.

“It’s hard to get to sleep sometimes with all that swirling around in your head. It would have been nice to come to some positive resolution in the song where I overcame all these thoughts, but sometimes it’s just nice to vent your feelings when they all build up too much, and that’s what this song is for me”.

Spending the past year diving into more songwriting and production for her next body of work, San Mei has been creating and exploring some new inspirations into the world of industrial rock and ‘90s grunge.

“It was cool to be in a totally new, challenging place and I think this song is a by-product of that sonically. I wanted to make something that felt a little bit crazy and scary to me – kinda how it felt being alone on the other side of the world for a moment.”

Listen to ‘I Can’t Sleep’, now available on all major streaming services.

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