Taka Perry and BOY SODA, two of the most exciting and cutting-edge young artists in the Australian scene right now, have teamed up release their new single ‘LEMONADE’ – an addictively electric track that melds their signature future electronica and soulful R&B genres to perfection.

“I’m a big believer that the best songs come together the quickest,” says Taka Perry, explaining how his collaboration with BOY SODA came about. “With ‘LEMONADE’, the whole song was mostly finished in about an hour, which was the same day BOY SODA and I actually met. As soon as he walked through the door, we landed on the exact same wavelength and had one of those days where the song just falls right into place, and you think to yourself “did we really just do that?”. BOY SODA’s unlike any other artist in Australia right now and I think it shows on LEMONADE. It’s tough, it’s vibey, it’s hooky and above all, it’s completely unpredictable.”

BOY SODA adds, “Taka is such an electric mind and his process of creating is like this organised chaos of sound and colour, so being able to exist in the room with him and land on a song like LEMONADE was so much fun to do. I think our worlds really collided in a perfect way, and for it to happen on the first time meeting each other is an amazing process to be a part of!”

With its accompanying tongue in cheek video, co-written and co-directed by the duo, you can see that the creativity doesn’t only stop with the music, and that the two don’t take themselves too seriously.

See the video for yourself, below!

‘LEMONADE’ is the second single lifted from Taka Perry’s upcoming EP, KAKOMIRAI, set to heat up winter when it drops this August.