Sydney producer Taka Perry has just released his brand-new single ‘Diamonds’.

Written during lockdown, the psychedelic infused ‘Diamonds’ is all about escapism.

With his trademark musicianship on show, the track is packed with the signature “newstalgia” sound we’ve come to expect from the young producer; syncopated rhythms accented by punchy drums, euphoric synths, punctuated by glistening melodic hooks.

Adding another weapon to his already extensive arsenal is the fact that every lyric sung on ‘Diamonds’ is Taka himself; hinting at the fact that more main vocal duties may be on the cards in the near future:

“I made ‘Diamonds’ earlier this year when Sydney was in lockdown and people were mostly keeping to themselves; In my mind, I’d finished the track then and there and filed it away on my laptop. It wasn’t until I was able to explore so many different vocal treatments and live processing for my recent triple j Like A Version, that I realised I may not be finished with it as the idea to incorporate my vocals into my own music crept in. I decided to come back to it with a fresh perspective and wrote and recorded all the vocal parts you hear in the track.”

Elaborating on the lyrical message, “Lyrically, it’s about a daydream. In a time when you can’t physically escape your own home, at least you can take a trip to a faraway place in your own mind. I think we all need to once in a while.”

At only 22 years of age, the Australian/Japanese producer has already built an eclectic catalogue of releases, while at the same time producing behind the scenes for some big name artists the world over; past collaborations include Ruel, Thomston, KLP, Okenyo, Mallrat, Woodes, SACHI, J Hart, and Max Frost to name a few.

‘Diamonds’ is available to stream and download, now!