2019 saw the boys from Tomorrow X Together catapult themselves within the K-Pop industry as superstar rookies. Now in 2020, more than a year after their debut and with the release of their third EP, The Dream Chapter: Eternity, this talented quintet have cemented their position as some of the best in the business.

The lead single from their most recent EP, ”세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can’t You See Me?)’, never quite goes where you expect it to; a lightness, overlaid with bright whistles, develops quickly into a succession of quick high-hat rhythms, and grungy, distorted guitars. As the instrumentation becomes more complex, the whistles becoming more sinister in tone, the rhythm of the song becomes almost unpredictable; the length of each verse is never the same, and disjointed pauses fall at different parts of each chorus.

This uncertainty is something only further conveyed by the subject matter of the song. Some fans have interpreted the song to common emotions associated with loneliness and isolation, and both the Korean and English lyrics illustrate this message clearly.

The MV for the song begins with playful, youthful, yet almost surreal scenes of the boys, quickly developing into a messy massacre of tomatoes, strawberries, fire, and Tabasco. Be sure to watch it below!