UQiYO has released ‘invisible’ in collaboration with Malaysian songstress Froya.

The single blends both UQiYO’s and Froya’s different artistic approaches, effortlessly weaving both sounds into a cohesive genre-bending experience.

The single signifies the hidden strength and potential inherent in everybody waiting to be uncovered, rising from the surface, just like flowers blooming in the springtime,” Froya shares.

The collaborative single was written by both UQiYO and Froya about Niigata, Japan; together, the musicians met in the snowy city for a co-writing session.

“I tried to see Niigata through Froya’s eyes as it was her first-time experiencing snow, and the city. I wanted to express this experience in an infinitely detailed and deeply layered manner like a snowflake-like superstring theory where all particles and fundamental forces of nature are in one theory, but with many branches. If the colour of sound is a ray of light, then all the tones combined create white, nothingness, a dream, dazzlingly transparent, which became of this song,” frontman Yuqi Kato shares.

Having collaborated with many outstanding creators locally and internationally, UQiYO’s brand new album, loom is slated for release on the 26th of March 2021.

‘invisible’ is available across all major streaming services. Stream the song, here.