Following ‘Hali Gali’ in November 2020 and ‘Cloud 9’ in December, Chinese-Japanese boy-group WARPs UP have released their third single in three consecutive months with ‘One Hundred Degrees’.

The track was the very first song the group worked on when they formed, with an instrumental version of the single used briefly in a teaser video that was released over a year ago; for the first time, the track is now available as a full song.

The lyrics mix three languages – Japanese, Chinese and English – and have been rewritten since their original incarnation, as the group and its individual members have developed through their experiences over the last twelve months. They sing of how even the biggest flame starts from a mere candlelight, a reflection on how starting small means you have plenty of room to grow.

The choreography that accompanies the new song has also been reworked, so fans can enjoy comparing the new dance moves with the original steps featured in the teaser – watch the original video below!

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