Indonesia’s leading electronic duo Weird Genius have teamed up with elusive producer TOKYO MACHINE and pop phenomenon LIGHTS to release a brand new song, ‘Last Summer’.

The addictive new single is a feel-good slice of electro-pop, effortlessly combining each of their unique styles, from nostalgic 8-bit sounds to powerful lyricism and diverse internationally-inspired melodies.

When it comes to electronic music in Southeast Asia, Weird Genius are one of today’s most influential tastemakers. Catapulting to the top of the charts and breaking records along the way, their genre-blending brand of dance music is laden with traditional Indonesian elements; here, they have made their culture accessible to fans around the world.

“Ever since I saw Weird Genius play their set at Ocean Meets Music, I knew I wanted to work with their insane talent,” shares TOKYO MACHINE. “Lights’ vocals put the cherry on top for this record, to be able to team up with both of them is a dream.”

“For this collab, we wanted to make something that perfectly expresses our signature sounds but is presented as a catchy pop tune,” weigh in Weird Genius.

Listen to the ‘Last Summer’ below!

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