Acclaimed producer Wovensound, rapper Ihasamic!, and alt-pop songstress Jeena have teamed up on a brand new track, ‘Lonely Shores’.

The track tackles mental health with a remarkable level of sensitivity and introspection, coming from a place of emotional pain and confusion. Written by Ihasamic!, the song explores the everyday struggles of someone dealing with uncertainty and issues in life, navigating loneliness as if it were a solitary conquest that has no end nor any direction.

I wrote it with the story in mind of someone who feels like he’s drowning, trying so hard by himself to stay afloat, not knowing what’s the payoff at the end,” the Singapore-based rapper shares. “I wrote it thinking I was writing a story unrelated. But upon revisiting the material when we were filming the music video for it, I realised that I may have been voicing out the situation I was going through within myself, unknown to me at the point of writing.

Listen to “Lonely Shores” via Umami Records.