Sydney-based, Fijian-Chinese rapper xTRILLIAMS has released his debut EP <i>Home Away</i>.

This rootsy hip-hop project, with punchy lyrics and flows, features Japanese born and based singer/songwriter, sanè.

In 2020, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, xTRILLIAMS linked up with local beat-maker Chonks, whilst dropping a series of freestyles virtually. The two connected over their love of hip-hop music and for the greater areas outside of the City of Sydney, which they grew up in. They began working on series of songs together, each one thematically showcasing their influence, creativity, and written with the intention of telling the stories of immigrant Asian kids raised and hanging out in the ‘burbs of Sydney.

“The craziness and isolation of the [past] year has allowed me the time to reignite my love for music and creating… the connectivity to a lot of talented artists is great! We’re excited for everyone to hear what we’ve come up with!” Chonks stated, regarding connecting with xTRILLIAMS and the recording process of the EP.

Listen to the bran-new EP on Spotify, below: