Yeo has returned, releasing his first single of 2022, ‘NEVER MISS’.

Not one to shy away from digging into dark topics, Yeo is earnest, remarkably introspective, and wilfully self-deprecating, offering a uniquely subversive take on the personal battles we all face.

‘NEVER MISS’ opens with gentle, almost coy guitar finger-picking. Slowly building into layered guitars and simmering percussion, the song is a slow burn; rather than amping up the volume, Yeo goes the opposite direction, muddying the once-clear guitars and beats into this heavy, grungy pull that sucks us in before spitting us out once again.
‘NEVER MISS’ shows Yeo’s growth as a person and a musician.

“NEVER MISS is about having the self-confidence to face criticism, knowing you can’t please everybody. It’s an amalgam of feelings inspired by a range of situations I’ve witnessed involving work, romantic relationships, my sporting life, my friends and my family. I really wanted to revisit my beloved process of lo-fi storytelling and apply a mature pop twist,” Yeo tells us, speaking on his latest release.

The accompanying visuals to ‘NEVER MISS’ present the final in Yeo’s cooking series of his favourite Malaysian-inspired comfort dishes. Here, Yeo buys, prepares, and serves up a whole Steamed Fish to the instrumentation of this latest song.  

Listen to the new track on Spotify, below: