zeph has officially released her debut EP Scared of Everything.

Inspired in equal parts by film composers like Hans Zimmer as she is her pop contemporaries, the singer, songwriter, and producer has created a dreamy alternative pop underscored by soundtrack-worthy cinematic flourishes and the kinds of confessions that inspire transparent honesty and endless empathy.

Everything makes me nervous,” zeph tells us, speaking about the EP. “I also realised that every song on this EP is about me being insecure or paranoid so I thought the title was fitting.”

zeph likes to describe her music as a soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie where everyone is the main character, especially those who feel like they are not. Channeling this medium to share her own insecurities and emotions, Zeph often creates soundtrack clips set to anime and comic shorts posted to her Instagram feed.

Listen to Scared of Everything on Spotify below:

Photo Credit: Amy Madden