Captain of J-Pop group NMB48 Team M Fujie Reina was in Taiwan for the press conference for the announcement of filming for Truth Of Fear which will be released next June.

Written and directed by Miyamoto Masami, Truth Of Fear is a film that’s a thriller-cum-suspense and less horror than the name suggests. The film will leave you with a feeling of a cold shiver that runs down your spine. “Mysterious girl but with a bewitching performance,” said Miyamoto Masami aboout Fujie Reina’s role in the film. When asked what was her expectations of using Mandarin in the movie Fujie Reina said “I think this as a new challenge. Now even more than the lack of the unknown is the feeling of enjoyment that is overpowering me.”

The director has stated the potential of the well known idol to change into a blossoming actress normally would be difficult however, in the case of actress Fujie Reina showing a lot of skills and promise.

This is the first time that an actress from the group of NMB48 is performing internationally. “This is a new road that I would like to create” remarked strongly by Fujie Reina

The press event was solely sponsored by a French shoe brand Kickers. With the gift of Kickers being presented to actress Ms. Fujie Reina by Mr. Tharminder Singh of Kickers Japan. A good reason for the sponsoring of these shoes were as follows – “ The fear may run through your heart, but on your feet Kickers will run for you. May you run as fast and sturdy as Kickers can carry you.”


Principle photography for Truth Of Fear starts in November in locations around Taiwan.

Taiwan release dates are expected around June next year, followed by China, Thailand, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. Japan release is expected to follow suit.