OTAQUEST, a one-night-only concert and cultural event in Los Angeles, will launch this Wednesday, July 3rd, at The Novo by Microsoft L.A. LIVE.

OTAQUEST events reflect what is of-the-moment in Japanese culture and celebrates the latest and greatest from Japan’s diverse music scene with the most successful artists out of Japan today.

OTAQUEST LIVE highlights the vibrancy of Japanese pop culture with performances from J-Pop, EDM, and hip-hop superstars, including CAPSULE, CrazyBoy, HIROOMI TOSAKA, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and m-flo.

OTAQUEST KICK OFF is a late-night afterparty of epic proportions, exploring the sprawling Tokyo club scene and transporting this to Los Angeles with performances from Taku Takahashi, TeddyLoidand Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE).

OTAQUEST LIVE and the KICKOFF afterparty will begin the night before the world-renowned Anime Expo Festival takes over downtown Los Angeles. 

Tickets for OTAQUEST LIVE and OTAQUEST KICKOFF are available now:

OTAQUEST LIVE: http://axs.com/events/372261/powered-by-ldh-usa-tickets?skin=novo

OTAQUEST KICK OFF: http://axs.com/events/372262/powered-by-ldh-usa-tickets?skin=novo

For more information, visit: https://live.otaquest.com.