January 1, 2019 just got a whole lot steamier in what promises to be Bali’s most epic New Years’ Day pool party!

As one of the worlds most celebrated international DJ’s, Pete Tong will returns to the Island for the first time in three years to deliver an electric set at Mrs Sippy with some of the greatest house music tunes being spun from sunset.

Pete Tong has held a commanding presence for over 20 years as the voice of BBC Radio 1’s prestigious dance programming. With an unparalleled ear for new talent, Tong has become the leading tastemaker of the electronic generation. While he’s known publicly as Pete Tong the DJ, behind the scenes, he’s an industry icon. Over the years, he’s played a crucial role in breaking new artists and changing the way people think about electronic music.

Tickets are on sale now – for more info head here!