BIGBANG Made Australia

Pre-orders for official BIGBANG concert merchandise are now available through Award Entertainment.


Not sure what to get? Our recommendation would be to make sure you have your VIP Crown Lightstick!

Concert staff will only be allowing the official lightstick into the arena so if you want join in the sea of yellow crowns make sure you acquire yours way in advance. The lightstick comes in black and white and both are the latest edition of that crown-shaped stick us VIPs know so well! This means that rather than simply being a static light, the new lightsticks actually respond to BIGBANG’s music O.O Like magic.


Award Entertainment have also announced that they will be organising special fan projects for BIGBANG at the concerts from Australian VIPs, and you can bet these will involve lightsticks too! So yep, get your crown VIPs!

How to order?

1. Register and become an Award Club Member at
2. Complete your merchandise pre-order at “Merchandise” (this will become available once you are logged in)
3. A tax invoice (with payment method and details) will be emailed to you to confirm the pre-order
4. Make the payment and email the remittance to (use the order number as the reference)
5. A receipt will be emailed to you once your payment has been received
6. Another email with Pick-Up details will be sent to you prior to the concert day

And you are done! *holds lightstick into the air in triumph*