Produce 101 Season 1 contestant, EB (Choi, Eun-Bin), and a Season 2 contestant, Jeong Dong-Su (ARKAY), releases a collaborative digital single, “Gon lan hae”.

EB has been busy with various projects, recently collaborating on a single with a contestant of Mnet’s High School Rapper Season 2, Ha Seon-ho. Jeong, who had made his presence felt with his unique character on Produce 101 Season 2, released a dance song made with artificial intelligence A.I.M. that would cool down the heat of the summer, “Because of You,” in June, establishing himself as an R&B artist.

DONO, who had taken part in albums of JBJ, KARD, Stellar, UP10TION, etc., produced the new single, “Gon lan hae,” raising the quality of the song. 

On the calm minimalistic hip-hop beat, EB intones soft melodies and an edgy rap and Jeong appealingly sings the hook. They talk about the dilemma occurring in a clumsy love where two people cannot dare to approach each other but just keeps their feelings to themselves.

Furthermore, EB and Jeong both co-penned the song, the lyrics, and the rap. In addition to live clips adorned with minimalist visual arts and album artwork taken based on multiple themes, they plan to reach their fans in various ways including being baristas for the fans for a day.