Singer-songwriter, R Chord, has announced his marriage with girlfriend of 4 years, Keanna Taiyh on the 20th of May. May 20th, written as 520 is pronounced like “I love you” in Chinese, becoming a very popular day to confess your love or announce relationships or marriages.

R Chord has always been bold with his relationship with Keanna, not being afraid to show his love despite being an artist. He’s previously said that a lot of people have told him, in order to be successful, he needs to hide his relationship. But he chose not to listen and wanted to be true to who he really was.

Fans praised his romantic and simple gesture of announcing the news of his marriage by posting a photo of their identification card showing each other’s name on the spouse column on May 20th at 5:20pm. Many have sent through their best wishes including fellow singers, Nine Chen, Shi Shi and 831‘s Xiao Ju.