After much to-ing and fro-ing bubbly singer Rachel Liang has finally admitted that she will be getting hitched next month to boyfriend Amos Zhang.

After some rumours were spread a few weeks back, Liang at first dethroned such claims on her Facebook page, but recently went through her record company Universal music to announce her happy occasion to her fans.

Liang, whose sweet and clean vocals have caught the attention of many after winning runner-up of Taiwanese singing competition “One Million Stars” in 2008 will be registering her marriage in Kaohsiung next month on the 2nd, and will be holding the ceremony on the 9th in Taoyuan.

For wedding pictures, Rachel also donned the traditional Aboriginal dressing of the Lukai tribe, a costume that was previously worn by her sister at her wedding, while her fiancee Zhang who is from the Amis tribe wore the traditional dressings of his own heritage.


Liang is part Lukai and part Amis, and has previously sung songs proudly showing off her heritage, including one from her last album called “The maiden of Lukai”.

Her modern wedding dress is from the 2016 spring-summer collection of designer Lin Li, and her wedding biscuits were playfully and cutely designed by Ooh La Love, all packed in a sweet package expressing the couple’s gratefulness for the blessings they have received from family and friends.

All in all, wishing the couples all the blessings they deserve, and can’t wait to see more wedding photos coming soon!

Watch Liang singing “The maiden of Lukai” below: