A wolf head, a merry-go-round, and a flamingo dress.

What do these seemingly random items have in common? They are all among the stars of Red Velvet’s new teaser campaign, which has been gradually unveiled since the start of this week (July 26) on the group’s official Instagram account.

Given the eighteen-plus months since Red Velvet’s last release (‘Psycho’) in December 2019, the group’s surprise return to promotions feels like a dream to many. Indeed, the campaign’s concept – aptly named Queens Mystic General Store – is positively dreamworthy, with its vintage store-themed presentation of Red Velvet’s musical and visual archives.

Richly coloured photographs feature recognisable props from the group’s earlier releases – including the aforementioned wolf head from 2018’s ‘RBB’ and a flamingo dress from 2017’s ‘Red Flavor’ – showcased as if for sale in a genuine store (in fact, Red Velvet’s Instagram has been reportedly flooded with DMs from eager fans hoping to actually purchase the items)!

It’s an effective means of evoking nostalgic feelings within Reveluvs globally, an exploration of the dizzying span of the many avant-garde and quirky concepts for which Red Velvet have become famed.

Additionally, throughout the past week, each of the five members have starred in individual solo teasers, each featuring a chosen B-side from their vast and diverse discography. Red Velvet has earned critical acclaim for their distinctive and contemporary take on diverse pop styles; fans have been quick to point out that the use of earlier B-side releases in this new campaign highlights not only the timelessness but also top-tier quality of their musical backlog.

With the vintage store content scheduled to continue until at least August 1, from which time more standard promotions will ensue, there is time yet for further gems from Red Velvet’s archive to be revealed.

A scroll through their Instagram right now is a must. Whether it’s the sumptuous jewel tones harking back to 2018’s ‘Bad Boy’, the fanciful outfits that look straight out of the ‘Psycho’ era, or the distinctive moods for each member’s individual teasers, this new concept is a creative delight. And in itself, Queens Mystic General Store perfectly represents Red Velvet’s ability to combine classic and new while bringing an off-kilter, surreal twist that goes beyond your typically sugar-sweet girl group. It’s also a celebration of both Red Velvet up until this point, and the brand new music they’re poised to release in August.

Take your seats – the ‘Queens’ are back!