One way to embrace and share culture is by experiencing diverse culinary traditions. Which is why Roll’d are sharing three traditional Vietnamese soups as part of their new, upcoming menu!

Bao Hoang, founder of the Vietnamese eatery franchise says the food that he grew up with as a young boy is the inspiration for the Roll’d concept.

Bao is generally accredited with bringing Vietnamese fresh, flavoursome and tasty meals to high streets and shopping malls around Australia and his Mum, Phien, is an exceptional cook who prepares food for her family every night, most often with fresh vegetables and herbs which are grown in her own garden. This includes the lemongrass, which Phien uses to flavour her Bún Bò Huế broth. 

Using Mama Hoang’s secret recipes, Roll’d want to share a piece of their family history and unite the community over steamy, swirly broths and chewy noodles.

The punchy southern style Bún Bò Huế is perfectly balanced with spicy chilli oil and thick rice noodles.

For something that’ll warm you through and through, a hearty Bánh Canh Cua mixed with a luxe melange of crab meat, fish balls, tofu and chewy ‘cake’ noodles will leaving you feeling well fed.

Mì Tôm Thịt, complete with thin egg noodles, is a delicious textural treat!

All three soups get a fresh kick from fresh spring onion, a squeeze of juicy lemon, and crunchy fried shallots!

Currently, Roll’d have 82 stores throughout Australia! Be sure to experience the new noodle soup range, soon!

For more information, be sure to visit Roll’d on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, view the new menu on their official website.