Teleporting your taste buds to the bustling laneways of Hanoi, Roll’d is delighted to be scooting the best of Vietnamese style dumplings to an outlet near you this June!

With a Vietnamese take on the traditional Chinese Xiaolongbao, Roll’d are introducing a super-steamy Beef Phở Dumpling. Complete with a signature steamy Phở soup direct from Mama Hoang’s kitchen, this dumpling is filled with juicy seasoned beef filling.

For the vegans and vegetarians among us, Roll’d are folding up spinach wrapped plant-based Vietnamese edamame and shiitake filled dumplings.

For more traditional flavours, feast on a Vietnamese take on classic pork with extra veggies or prawn and ginger dumplings.

Inspired by the best Vietnamese street food stalls, these little parcels will satiate your hunger and appease your wallet! Try them soon!

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