Staying healthy and eating well has always been a priority for Aussie families. Now, with limited access to fresh produce and tighter restrictions on leaving the house, dining as we know it has drastically changed and it’s time for the hospitality industry to start thinking about new long-term food strategies.

This is why Australia’s first choice for Vietnamese – Roll’d – is coming directly to you via ready-to-eat lunch and dinner deliveries from their Roll’d Runner Food Van which will hit the road on April 28th!

The Roll’d Runner will be a food truck home delivery service rolling from suburb to suburb and will bring the Roll’d kitchen to your doorstep, making food in front of people’s homes! Roll’d aims put hundreds of cars on the road to make it easier to not only bring you the fresh tasty satisfaction of tangy Vietnamese, but ensure that it arrives in pristine condition, too!

The Roll’d Run has no minimum order and offers free delivery, you just need to order two hours in advance.

Each Roll’d Run has also scheduled a free meal delivery to front line hospital staff and are currently giving away 600 meals per day to health workers.

Bao Hoang, the CEO and Founder of Roll’d wants you, your family and your friends to be well and healthy. Bao believes that by looking after yourself you are looking after the wider community; and the Roll’d team are committed to making it easier for Australians to eat fresh Vietnamese food.

This is a long-term business model which will roll out for the next 9-months and represents what is expected to be the “new normal”. These new conveniences are long-term adaptations that will continue to serve Australians well beyond social isolation, and with the happy knock-on effect of keeping the existing Roll’d family and crew in jobs and opening opportunities for more positions in the future.

“We want to provide traditional and freshly prepared meals for families, as families who eat together stay together. We are using this time as an opportunity to implement longterm strategies to deliver more Roll’d to more Australians,” says Bao.

Look out for live registration and updates online.