OK Aussie Runners! Running Man 2017 Live In Australia has announced pre-sale and general public ticketing information.


WHEN: 11:00AM, Sunday 23 April 2017


[Melbourne] – Melbourne Central (Shot Tower Square, under the clock)
[Sydney] – Online only (www.runningman2017.com.au)

* Only limited number of pre-sale tickets available!
* Only available for registered buyers, registration is available at www.runningman2017.com.au
* For the pricing, please register interest on www.runningman2017.com.au


DATE: Friday, 28 April 2017

OFFICIAL TICKETING: www.runningman2017.com.au

NEWSFLASH: The organisers of Running Man 2017 in Australia has released a Q&A of the pre sale in Melbourne.

Q: Where can I find the seating plan?
A: Seating plan will be released on the pre-sale day.

Q: I can’t attend the pre-sale launch in Melbourne. Can I still purchase tickets online afterwards?
A: There are limited tickets available for pre-sale. Registered users will be notified via e-mail if there are still tickets available. Please make sure you register via the official website to receive the latest updates. The official website is: www.runningman2017.com.au

Q: How much are the tickets?
A: Please register via the official website to find out more details .

Q: What is difference between pre-sale and public sale.
A: Pre-sale is available exclusively for registered users, which will be granted access to the best seating selection prior to the public sale.

Q: What’s the duration of the Melbourne Pre-sale Launch on Sunday, 23rd April?
A: From 11am – 5pm at Melbourne Central.

Q: When does the concert start on the show day?
A: The concert will start at 7.30pm.

Q: What does VIP Ticket includes?
A: Every VIP ticket comes with a GIFT PACK, which includes a VIP lanyard, Glow Stick and A SURPRISE! Delivery/pick-up will be notified via e-mail in 6-8 weeks.