Before Encantadia 2016 premieres on Monday (July 18th), the two Sang’gre sisters had to go on another battle, but not as to who will rule Encantadia but as to who’s the best in lip-syncing.

Glaiza de Castro (Pirena) was the first to perform for Level 1, singing Willy Garte’s “Bawal Na Gamot”. Using Pirena’s fierceness she was able to capture the audience’s attention when she performed her first song.

Kylie Padilla (Amihan) became more eager to show off her own talents in lip-syncing as she sings Adele’s “Hello” and laid down on stage and even came down the stage to sing to a very luck fan, surprising everyone in the audience and the TV viewers.

Sanya Lopez (Danaya) and Gabbi Garcia (Alena) also came to promote Encantadia and to support both of their fellow Sang’gre sisters in the show.

Level 1 was already exciting that it got everyone on the edge of their seats as they await as to what the two Sang’gres will perform next.

For Level 2, Kylie Padilla performed first, lip-syncing to Christina Aguilera’s “Lady Marmalade” with a red heart set in the middle of the stage and wearing the usual red Lady Marmalade costume. Kylie also used fire while performing, that Glaiza questioned her as to why does it seem like she was trying to represent Pirena’s character, gaining laughter from the audience.

Glaiza de Castro, known as a big fan of K-Pop performed “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang. There were three thrones set in the middle of the stage like in the music video as she’s dressed like G-Dragon. Using Glaiza’s experience in performing, she got everyone watching enticed in her performance.


However, only one can win between the two Sang’gres, leaving the decision to the studio audience through clapping and cheering for their favorite performer. Glaiza de Castro gained the loudest cheer from the viewers making her win the Lip Sync Battle Philippines.

Now that we know who the Lip Sync Battle Philippines winner is, will it have the same outcome between their characters in “Encantadia”?

Make sure to watch “Encantadia” on GMA Network on July 18th, every Monday to Friday!