S.H.E fans will be sad to hear that Selina Ren, one third of the popular Taiwanese girl group has just announced her divorce with lawyer Richard Chang.

The pair had known each other for 9 years, and were married in 2011.

Posting a status on her Facebook announcing her decision, Ren stated that she felt marriage requires the effort of both parties, and both of them had not put in enough effort.

She also blames herself for not taking her role as a wife seriously, and said:

“I didn’t play the role of a good wife properly. After getting married, I still indulged in my work and focused on my career. Because of this, I neglected the management of my marriage and the maintenance of a family. Requires both to put in time, I became a wife but didn’t become a truly good one.”

Ren also cites differences in her personality, stating that she was previously someone who put a large emphasis on love, however has seen her perspective on life change in the last few years.

“I am no longer that person who lives 100% for love. So my love with Ah-zhong (Richard) has also bit by bit disappeared.”

As a married couple, Ren states that they were unhappy due to the accumulated problems from the past and each other’s wishes to change each other.

However, the normally optimistic singer says that she and Chang will still remain close friends despite the divorce.

“Knowing each other for nine years; between us there is not only love, there is even more closeness and friendship. We both know that this decision is compulsory because we have lost love, but we don’t wish to also lose our closeness and friendship as well”.

Selina also went on to thank Chang for being by her side through the tough times, such as the explosion which left her with multiple burns in 2011.

“Towards Ah-zhong, I only am full of gratefulness. During my most painful and vulnerable times, it was him who accompanied me and gave me all his support”.

On a heart-wrenchingly sad note, she adds: “not being able to hold his hand until the end of life, I apologise deeply for that”.

Selina also extends her deepest apologies to her parents and all those who had given their blessing to their pair, saying that they have let everyone down. However, she finally adds:

“Please believe us, we will persevere and let ourselves live even better lives”.

There has already been an outpouring of support from fellow celebs, such as host Blackie Chen: “Sending my most sincere blessings…keep fighting Selina.”

Translation by Jocelle Koh