You know that feeling when you think you’re ready for something, but you’re not? That’s basically how every Carat (Seventeen fan) feels when Pledis released Seventeen‘s newest song and music video, “BOOMBOOM” (붐붐) at 12AM KST on 5th December 2016!

Quick paced moves along with a catchy chorus “BOOMBOOM”, the repeated lines of “Hit me” coupled with hip thrusts makes for one of the strongest comebacks I was most anticipating!

The storyline depicts of the thirteen boys possibly planning to steal something, however one of the members (Mingyu) trips an alarm causing all thirteen of them to bail on their mission. The only thing I can pick on (which was quite difficult to think of until I watched the music video a couple more times) is the fact that thirteen people running out of a building is definitely highly inconspicuous!

All jokes aside, this is one of my favourite comebacks this year, along with their previous song “Very Nice” (아주NICE) and I look forward to seeing Seventeen perform “BOOMBOOM” (붐붐) at music shows!