For all Show fans who have been fervently awaiting his return, I’m sure you’ll be as excited about Show Lo latest album as I am.

Known as the ‘Asian Dance King’, it has been reported that Show trained tirelessly for this album in order to bring his dance moves and his fitness to the next level.

The album is unlike others that he has done before, as he takes on the challenging critique of society as the theme of “Reality show”. The album focuses on criticising people that take reality shows to real iife, doing things for publicity rather than being themselves, and asks when will the truth ever be revealed.

The album was named “Reality Show” due to Show being very busy filming all different types of movies and reality shows during the two year break from his last album. It was almost like each song was its own mini movie, and so very much suited the feel of a movie soundtrack.

Show’s first single “Enough夠了” was a rousing critique of society’s cyber bullying habits, with a straightforward and clear message set against an EDM backdrop. With the help of a few celebrity friends such as the likes of Elva Hsiao, Rainie Yang, Little and Big S, Wilber Pan, Blackie Chen, Jiro Wang (and the list goes on..)the campaign both against cyberbullying and that leading up to the release of his single was a huge success, with the song amounting to over 3 million YouTube views since its release.

For his second single “Come Back Baby致命傷”, Show enlisted the help of Golden Horse award-winning actress Nikki Hsieh to play the lead female role in his music video/extended mini movie, which tells the tale of gangster-with-a-kind-heart Show and Hsieh as the beautiful police officer. Needless to say, many raunchy scenes in there which make this one a must watch.

Show’s album was released on the 20th of November, so what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy now (and save one for me while you’re at it).