The long running MBC weekly K-Pop program Show! Music Core has said goodbye to its current hosts and have announced a change in format.

Last week’s Show! Music Core was the last episode featuring Red Velvet’s Yeri, SHINee’s Minho and VIXX’s N. All three combined well with a mix of sweetness, dorkiness, and charisma from these three idols.


In their place will be actors Kim Min Jae and Kim Sae Ron who will be hosting the program starting 21st Nov.

Along with the hosting changes on Show! Music Core, there will also no longer have a ranking system on its future episodes. Idols will continue to perform, but there will no awarding by the end of the show.

A spokesperson from MBC said ” Currently because of various album charts, the categorized total ranking is revealed in real-time. The truth is that the importance of revealing the ranking on broadcast has dropped,” said MBC.

Show! Music Core will now be focusing on staging a variety of genres.

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