The Singapore Film Festival is back for another year, bringing the best of Singaporean cinema to Perth, Canberra and Sydney in October and November.

Though Singapore’s film industry is smaller than many others, it’s an emerging gem that is continually producing world class talent. Singapore produced its first Cannes winner (Camera d’Or award) in 2013 with the film Ilo Ilo and had four films represented at Cannes in 2014. The Singapore Film Festival Australia aims to introduce Singaporean cinema to the vibrant and thriving Art and Theatre community in Australia, and to captivate the interest of various communities and groups centred around the movie enthusiast, people who are interested in Singapore and expatriates who have returned from Singapore, as well as the wider community who are interested in understanding more about Singapore, its evolving culture and growing heritage.

The festival will hit Perth on October 24, Sydney on October 31 and Canberra on November 14. The lineup includes four carefully curated films: opening film Wayang Boy, a family comedy about Singaporeans living amongst the influx of foreign immigrants; That Girl in a Pinafore, a high school comedy musical set in the 90s; the above-mentioned Cannes winner Ilo Ilo, a family film following the struggles of a Singaporean family in the midst of the 1997 Asian financial crisis; and 7 Letters, an acclaimed short film anthology in celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

For more information, session times, ticketing, and to see trailers for each of the films, visit Singapore Film Festival