SONAMOO have been sparking interest with the latest teaser image for their upcoming comeback. It’s been a year since we have last seen the girls with their debut track ‘Deja Vu’ and follow-up ‘Cushion’, and the hints for their next round of activities appear to suggest an entirely different concept: pink barbie dolls?!

This is the first time that SONAMOO have taken on such different route from their usual tough and powerful image and fans are excited to see this brand new side of the girl group. Stirring further curiosity is the group’s continued use of the ‘Green Moon’ to reveal content, hints and teasers; what could the symbols of the Green Moon have in store this time? Treble-clef down, six musical notes to go!

SONAMOO will make their comeback on the 29th of June. The new album has six songs and includes the participation of composers from some of B.A.P and SECRET‘s Hyosung‘s hit tracks. Stay tuned to HelloAsia for all the latest news and updates on SONAMOO’s long-awaited return!

SONAMOO Teaser 1