Australia based Asian-Australian singer-songwriter Sophie Koh will be starring in Sydney Festival’s world premiere Shànghǎi MiMi.

The intoxicating world of Shànghǎi MiMi is a sumptuous cabaret of delights. Glamorous and immersive inspired by 1930s Shanghai, a city famous for its flamboyant clubs and heady nights, Shànghǎi MiMi parts the curtains on an enchanted world.

The production features dancers, acrobats, aerialists and singers from China, Cameroon, Australia and France giving thrilling performances: flying overhead, dazzling your eyes and winning your hearts.

Sophie Koh will be playing a key role in the production. Here’s what she has to say about the production:

I have spent the past week with amazing artists from Qinghai Acrobatic Troupe, based in Xining, West China, amongst the Tibetan plateau. I’ve never done jazz, nor cabaret, nor sung so many songs in Mandarin before. Preliminary rehearsals are done and I am so honoured to be asked to take on this huge role. As part of the show, i’ll be performing songs my parents grew up with, like Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心.

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